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Level Designer



1.5 yrs



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Clan O'Conall and the Crown of the Stag is a 2D, puzzle-platformer heavily inspired by Celtic mythology. Players can instantly swap to one of three different characters, each with their own abilities and attacks, as they traverse 20 beautifully illustrated levels and fight 3 fearsome bosses. 

Checkpoint Gaming

Way Too Many Games

Finalist at


2021 Discovery Competition

Finalist at


2018 Indie Series

ROle & Responsibilites

Had full ownership of the design, implementation and polish of 10 of the 20 levels. My process would look like:

  • Rough paper designs.

  • Drafted digital layouts in Photoshop based off scanned paper designs.

  • Playable greybox built directly in-engine (Unity).

  • Playtesting and iteration.

  • Final art implementation and visual polish.

Here's my process for the puzzle segment of 
The Caoranach's Lair, one of the levels I worked on

Here's some of my process working on the Boar Chase Mechanic. You can see the early prototype I scripted as well as development of segments in the first Boar Chase level.

(The Beast Chase Of The Fetid Fens)

Full ownership of the Boar Chase mechanic and levels. Offered to take responsibility for the Boar Chase mechanic seeing there was a bottleneck in production and the mechanic was required in our design.

  • Wrote up a document outlining Boar behaviours and art and technical requirements

  • Scripted the mechanic in C# and pitched to the rest of the team. This was beyond what my job asked me for but there was a production bottleneck and saw the opportunity.​

  • Full developed each of the 3 Boar Chase levels from conceptualization, playable greybox, reiterations, and final art polish.

Stepped up to have full ownership over the Balor boss encounter. Was responsible for the design, implementation and collaboration with team members involved with the boss fight.

  • Created a progression tree that laid out each section of the encounter.

  • Drew up animatics for each attack the boss could do and what it would look like.

  • Developed a design document outlining encounter requirements, metrics, story beats and attack patterns.

  • Worked with programmers to implement attacks and behaviour in engine

  • Worked with artists to establish a visual style and attack animations

  • Designed all platforming layouts used in the fight, including moving platform sequences and the main battle arena

  • Ran playtests to gather data and identify problem areas to address in later iterations.

Other contributions include:

  • Designed several gameplay mechanics, including balance scale, Bugbear gates, bomb plant, and pushable bounce cart.

  • Attended pre-production meetings to establish high-level progression from level to level, deciding level requirements and story beats.

  • Fixed artists address art implementation issues on all levels.

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