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Grizzly Peaks


Level Designer


Mission Design Document


3 months

Grizzly Peaks is mission design document as part of the Ubisoft's NXT Level Design competition. I wasn't able to submit the document in time for the deadline, but I had managed to complete the document in full. Grizzly Peaks takes place in Far Cry 5 and tasks players with finding a drugged VIP in a ski resort over run with cultists.

Design Goals

  • Create a mission to fit within the Far Cry 5 universe that fits into the constraints proposed by the contest


  • Develop a beat-per-beat walkthrough of the mission progression taking Ubisoft's 360 design approach to open world levels in mind

  • Create annotated layouts that are easy to read and clearly represents level geography, points of interests, and enemy AI paths


  • Researched real world locations, including some that were local to me in Pennsylvania, and Far Cry 5's level design philosophy and mission structure.

  • Created a pacing diagram to illustrate game flow within the level


  • Developed an open-ended mission structure that accommodates different play styles and approaches. Illustrated this with a comprehensive pacing diagram


  • Built room diagrams and a fully annotated layout to help illustrate space and paths. 

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