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Level Designer


Unreal Tournament


5 weeks

CTF_Jackhammer is an Unreal Tournment map made for a school project. The goal of the project was to make a map that's loosely based off of real-world locations. I challenged myself to design a balanced asymmetrical CTF map while still maintaining a fair game between the two teams.

Design Goals

  • Design a Capture the Flag map using the Unreal Tournament Editor that's loosely based off of a real-world location


  • Implement an asymmetrical map that still provides a fair and balanced game to both teams.



  • Researched the location by writing notes, taking photographs, and drawing up layout sketches


  • Developed a top-down map that included all in-game items and focused on key gameplay elements


  • Built the map using the UT Editor with close attention to proper metrics and scale 


  • Conducted playtests to refine the experience and correct early design flaws.

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