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Mouse Hunt



Game Designer



8 months



Mouse Hunt is multiplayer idle RPG game where players assume the role of a hunter, catching strange and unique mice to gather loot and rewards. The player can use their rewards into better traps to catch bigger, rarer mice for more rewards. The game has been up for 13 years, maintained through continued content updates and a dedicated playerbase.

Role & Responsibilities 

Pitched and fully owned a content update to one of the game's early areas, The Mountain.

  • Goal was to streamline player's experience

  • Created detailed pitch document to explain my changes and why I wanted to make them.

  • Overhauled preexisting boulder smashing mechanic to smooth out gameplay and progression

  • Managed spreadsheets responsible for balancing rewards and mouse encounter values, leading to a much more rewarding and less grindy experience for new players.

  • Authored and posted the news post to detail the changes as well as provide a narrative context that fit the established world and language of Mouse Hunt.

Stepped up and got involved with the development of 2021's Boiling Cauldron Halloween event.

  • Worked closely with senior developers on a prototype to showcase a brand new HUD mechanic.

  • Sat in during design meetings and actively contributed to refining the event's gameplay and balance

  • Event was widely successful, boosting in-game purchase revenue by 70% from last year's Halloween event.

Pitched and co-owned the Great Winter Hunt 2021 Holiday event along with a senior developer.

  • Created an original narrative that matched the preexisting holiday event framework while presenting a brand new, engaging story for players to enjoy

  • Updated content PHP files to include balancing changes, new items and mice, and updated art assets.

  • Designed the brand new reward, All Season Express Track Base and pitched it to the team to have it included in the event.

  • Wrote news posts promoting the event and building up the narrative.

Other contributions include:

  • Analyzed early game content and areas to identify pain points or outdated designs. Presented pitches to Mouse Hunt team to address these and suggest gameplay, progressing, and balancing changes

  • Conducted a full audit of all of the weapons and bases readily available to new players and proposed changes to prices, power, and availability to make early rewards more exciting and provide further depth in early game trap customization.

  • Designed and pitched a overhaul to the Harbor

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